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2016 Publication Awards

Congratulations to our Publication Award Recipients!

Each year during the Annual Meeting, the Academy of Management recognizes authors of journal articles that were published in the previous year in each of the Academy's six journals. The selection process for the award committee for each journal is determined by the individual journal. In general, articles selected:

  • Advance the mission of the individual publication;
  • Bring forth core ideas that are original, important, and provocative;
  • Have a clear and important contribution to the field of management

Editors create a separate advisory committee to determine and select the article(s) from the prior year as the "Best Article." Other years' awards have been archived here.

  Academy of Management Discoveries

 AMD Cover

AMD Best Article Award Committee: Donald Hambrick (CHAIR), Royston Greenwood, Denise Rousseau and Michael Tushman

The mission of the Academy of Management Discoveries is to promote phenomenon-driven empirical research that our theories of management and organizations neither adequately predict nor explain. Data on these poorly understood phenomena can come from any source, including ethnographic observations, lab and field experiments, field surveys, meta-analyses, and replication studies. AMD welcomes exploratory studies at the pre-theory stage of knowledge development, where it is premature to specify hypotheses. This research must be grounded in rigorous state-of-the-art methods, present strong and persuasive evidence, and offer interesting and important implications for management theory and practice.

"How 'Organization' Can Weaken the Norm of Reciprocity: The Effects of Attributions for Favors and a Calculative Mindset"
Peter Belmi
University of Virginia
Jeffrey Pfeffer
Stanford University
 Finalists for AMD's Best Article Award
"The Team Descriptive Index (TDI): A Multidimensional Scaling Approach for Team Description"   
Stephanie M. Lee
Stanford University

Joel Koopman
University of Cincinnati
John R. Hollenbeck
Michigan State University

Linda C. Wang
City University of Hong Kong
Klodiana Lanaj
Warrington College of Business Administration

  Academy of Management Journal

 AMJ Cover

AMJ Best Article Award Committee: Susan J. Ashford (CHAIR), Gwendolyn K. Lee, John P. Hausknecht, Paul Tracey, and Richard L. Priem

The mission of the Academy of Management Journal is to publish empirical research that tests, extends, or builds management theory and contributes to management practice. The AMJ Best Article Award embodies this mission by recognizing outstanding articles that make strong empirical and theoretical contributions and highlight the significance of those contributions to the management field.

"Professional Image Maintenance: How Women Navigate Pregnancy in the Workplace"
Laura M. Little
University of Georgia
Virginia Smith Major
The Connection, Inc.
Amanda S. Hinojosa
University of Houston-Clear Lake
Debra L. Nelson
Oklahoma State University
 Finalists for AMJ's Best Article Award
"Values Against Violence: Institutional Change in Societies Dominated by Organized Crime"
Antonino Vaccaro
IESE Business School
Guido Palazzo
Université de Lausanne
"Decoding the Adaptability–Rigidity Puzzle: Evidence from Pharmaceutical Incumbents' Pursuit of Gene Therapy and Monoclonal Antibodies"
Rahul Kapoor
Wharton School
Thomas Klueter
IESE Business School

  Academy of Management Learning & Education

 AMLE Cover - Small

AMLE Best Article Award Committee: Myrtle P. Bell, Kevin Carlson, and Russ Vince.

The mission of the Academy of Management Learning & Education journal is to advance the knowledge and practice of management learning and education by publishing theoretical models and reviews, qualitative and quantitative research, critiques, exchanges and retrospectives on any substantive topic that is conceived with, and draws implications for, how managers learn and the educational process and context.

"Aesthetics of Power: Why Teaching About Power Is Easier Thank Learning for Power, and What Business Schools Can Do About It"
Ian Sutherland
La Trobe University
Jonathan R. Gosling
Centre for Leadership Studies
Jasna Jelinek
William & Mary School of Business
 Finalists for AMLE's Best Article Award
"Against Evidence-based Management, for Management Learning"
Kevin Morrell
Warwick Business School
Mark Learmonth
Durham University
"Managing Employees with Mental Health Issues: Identification of Conceptual and Procedural Knowledge for Development within Management Education Curricula"
Angela Martin
University of Tasmania
Megan Woods
University of Tasmania
Sarah Dawkins
University of Tasmania

  Academy of Management Perspectives

 Call for Editors  

AMP Best Article Award Committee: Hugh O'Neill (CHAIR), David Midgley

The mission of the Academy of Management Perspectives journal is to provide accessible articles about important issues concerning management and business. Articles published in AMP translate research findings for a non-expert audience and rely on evidence based research to advance understanding of management issues that are relevant to a broad audience.

Find more awards for AMP from this year's Annual Meeting.

"In the Eye of the Beholder: Cross Cultural Lessons in Leadership from Project GLOBE"
Mansour Javidan
Thunderbird School of Global Management
Peter W. Dorfman
New Mexico State University
Mary Sully de Luque
Thunderbird School of Global Management
Robert J. House (Deceased)
University of Pennsylvania
"Making Strategic Human Capital Relevant: A Time-sensitive Opportunity"
David Kryscynski
Brigham Young University
Dave Ulrich
University of Michigan

  Academy of Management Review

 AMR Cover Medium

AMR Best Article Award Committee: Babis Mainemelis (CHAIR), Kris Byron, Alfonso Gambardella, Glen Kreiner, Jill Perry-Smith, Kelly See, Sherry Thatcher, Marco Tortoriello, Amy Wrzesniewski

The mission of the Academy of Management Review journal is to publish new theoretical insights that advance the understanding of management and organizations. The AMR publishes novel, insightful and carefully crafted conceptual work that challenge conventional wisdom concerning all aspects of organizations and their roles in society.

Find more awards for AMR from this year's Annual Meeting.

"The Essential Impact of Context on Organizational Behavior"
Gary Johns
Concordia University
"Positive Institutional Work: Exploring Institutional Work Through the Lens of Positive Organizational Scholarship"
Warren Nilsson
University of Cape Town
 Finalists for AMR's Best Article Award
"Lying for Who We Are: An Identity-Based Model of Workplace Dishonesty"
Keith Leavitt
Oregon State University
David M. Sluss
Georgia Institute of Technology
"Event System Theory: An Event-Oriented Approach to the Organizational Sciences"
Frederick P. Morgeson
Michigan State University
Terence R. Mitchell
University of Washington
Dong Liu
Georgia Institute of Technology

  Academy of Management Annals

 AOM Annals - Cover Image

Annals Best Article Award Committee: Ranjay Gulati, Alan D. Meyer, and Michael Morris

The mission of the Academy of Management Annals is to provide up-to-date, in-depth examinations of the latest advances in various management fields. Each yearly volume features critical and potentially provocative research reviews written by leading scholars exploring an assortment of research topics. Annals reviews summarize and/or challenge established assumptions and concepts, pinpoint problems and factual errors, inspire discussions, and illuminate possible avenues for further study. Research reviews published in the Annals are geared toward academic scholars in management and professionals in allied fields, such as sociology of organizations and organizational psychology.

"Group Emotions: Cutting the Gordian Knots Concerning Terms, Levels of Analysis, and Processes"
Jochen Menges
WHU—Otto Beisheim School of Management
Martin Kilduff
University College London
 Finalists for Annals' Best Article Award
"Living to Work and Working to Live: Income as a Driver of Organizational Behavior"
Carrie R. Leana
University of Pittsburgh
Jirs Meuris
University of Pittsburgh
"Creative Leadership: A Multi-Context Conceptualization"
Charalampos Mainemelis
ALBA Graduate Business School
Ronit Kark
Bar-Ilan University
Olga Epitropaki
ALBA Graduate Business School

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